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We clean more than just your bathroom and kitchen......Call Us Today!
Apartment Clean Outs Carpet Cleaning Window Cleaning


Pool House Cleaning


Grout Cleaning

Oven Cleanings

Floor Restoration

Refrigerator Clean Outs

Trash/Junk Removal

Sweeping Front/Back Porch

Moving Services


Marble Cleaning

Laundry (Wash/Dry/Fold) Garage Cleaning  Pressure Washing

Here is a good estimate on how long it takes to clean each area in your home. Remember, we are a professional cleaning company.  We go further than just regular cleaning.

Baseboards and windows take the most time


                                                0-1700 SQUARE FEET                             45 MINUTES

                                                1700-2500 SQUARE FEET                       1 HOUR 15 MINUTES

                                                2500 – 3000 SQUARE FEET                    1 HOUR 45 MINUTES

                                                3000 – 4000 SQUARE FEET                    2 PLUS HOURS



                                                1-4 WINDOWS                                       30 MINUTES

                                                5-15 WINDOWS                                     45 MINUTES TO 1 HOUR

                                                15-25 WINDOWS                                   1 HOUR PLUS