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Here is What Customers are Saying:

Dear FCS

A. D.

Brandon, MS

Dear FCS


Dear Celisa

My cleaning was great as always; I really like my cleaner a lot. She is really good about paying attention to details (such as putting my toothbrush on the charger), but not at the expense of neglecting the main stuff I need her to do. I've had housekeepers before (not from your service) who spend all the time scrubbing the tubs that are NEVER used, then don't have time to vacuum. I am VERY pleased, which is why I keep on referring! 

Thanks for the great service and have a great week!

Julie S.

Ridgeland, MS

Dear FCS

Y'all are a true blessing in my life!! No kidding. I so appreciate you and my cleaner -  both!

Savannah H.

Brandon, MS


House looks great. I am beyond excited someone was finally able to get the rings out of my toilets!!!!! I am jumping up and down about that.  It is the little things.  My husband even said yall did a good job and he has never liked anyone that has cleaned our house.  Congratulations! you are hired for good!

N. D. -

Brandon, MS 39042


I've known Celisa Frith all her life. I have used her cleaning service and am very pleased with her work. I highly recommend.

Shellye M.

Jackson, MS


Thanks again Foster's Cleaning & Moving Services, LLC...excellent job today. And I can't express how much this has helped me with my boys....both are starting to pick up dirty clothes and dishes without being asked a dozen times.  House looks great and smells great.  Kerri, thank you for taking special care of the master bedroom.  If anyone needs a great home cleaning service, you will not be disappointed!

Shannon G.

Terry, MS


Lynn was great! she worked hard for those 2 hours and was very thorough! I loved all 3 ladies that came out this week.  It shows that you are particular about your employees and I like that!

Tricia L.

Raymond, MS


"Celisa is dedicated to quality and making the costumer happy. I am impressed with the organization of Foster's Cleaning & Moving Services, LLC. Celisa follows up after the cleanings, and wants to know what her staff can do better the next time. Each time gets better. I was impressed with the first cleaning, and am happy that I am still using Foster's. I believe this is month 3. I am very pleased with Foster's Cleaning & Moving Services, LLC and recommend them." 

Daniel G.

Jackson, MS


I know I have told you before, but I LOVE my cleaning lady!! She's prompt, does a fantastic job and is super nice!!

Claudia P.

Brandon, MS


Love coming home to a spotless house! Celisa Frith, your company is the best!!!!!

Libby S.

Magee, MS


I just wanted to tell you the house looked great.  And thank you so much for doing my laundry.  I was so shocked and happy.  Thank you!

Katie W.

Madison, MS


Thanks Foster's Cleaning & Moving Services, LLC for a great job! Our house hasn't been this clean in a long time!

Gail H.

Magee, MS


I want to thank you for the cleaning.  It was the best that we have ever had.  My room-mates coulen't believe how good of a job she did.  We want to request that she come back next time.  We would love the same lady that cleaned today.  Thank you guys so much.  It looks great!

Todd P

Jackson , MS

My in-laws absolutely LOVED the lady who came today. She was wonderful, talked to them, and did an outstanding job of cleaning. Just wanted to let you know. 

J. N. 

Brandon, MS

I am one happy customer. I am grateful you are honest folks who do the right thing. I will definitely refer people to your company. C.U. 

Jackson, MS